Friday, November 13, 2009

Have the freedom and power to explore life's adventures with Globe Broadband's personalized offers for your in-home connection.

Globe Broadband Internet plans are guaranteed to be reliable and affordable, making surfing the web much more enjoyable. Be able to connect with family and friends, express your thoughts, discover new things and collect new experiences—only with Globe Broadband.

What Globe Broadband plan is right for you?
Basic Internet Plan 
Easy plug and play installation. Exclusive designer modems. Plans start at P888.
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WiMax Plan
Save as much as P2448 annually with a speed that is 25% faster than other brands—risk free!
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Up to 100Mbps Maximum Download Hyper-Speed! The fastest Internet connection in the Philippines!
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Internet + Landline 
Internet + Landline
Affordable, fast and easy! Internet and Landline combined. Plans start at P795.

Stay connected whenever and however, with Globe's Internet and Landline Packages. No NDD charges if you call another Globe Landline anywhere in the country from your Globe Landline!
Monthly Fee (VAT-inclusive)Speed * 
P 795 ***256 Kbps
P 995384 Kbps
P 1295 **1 Mbps (mycomment: you never get much more than 800 kbps)
P 19951 Mbps

If you want to see an example of how not to develop a slow loading flash website, check out  I continue to wonder why companies insist on flash on their main page rather than just the simple information that people seek,  


unlimited wi-fi   Add only PHP999/month and Enjoy Unlimited Wi-fi in 854 Globe Tattoo Wi-fi spots!

FREE IDD INTERNATIONAL CALLS Get an Internet + Landline package and get FREE IDD minutes monthly! Avail of free 20 IDD minutes every month on calls made to the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and UAE.

WIFI ROUTER Add only PHP350/month to share hi-speed broadband connectivity with your family! *FREE WITH P1,999 PLAN
Now everyone in your home can connect! Get a Wi-Fi router for just PHP350/month x 3! With Globe's Wi-Fi router, you can share your broadband access to other computers in your household easily and affordably. With just one Globe Wi-Fi router, you can have multiple laptops access the Internet simultaneously!

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